A guideline to necklace lengths

See the following guideline of necklace lengths - this should help you understand which is the desired length for certain blouses or dresses for which you are looking and some lengths are already possible to choose directly when you buy on the Wiznek site.

23 cms. to 35 cms. //10 to 14 inches 

sits closely around your neck

41 cms.  // 16 inches

Wraps loosely around the neck

46 cms.  // 18 inches  

Will sit on the collarbone

50 cms.  // 20 inches

Sits slightly below the collarbone

56 cms.  // 22 inches

Lies above the top of the bust

61 cms.  // 24 inches

Lies just above the top of the bust 

71 to 76 cms.  // 28 to 30inches

Hangs in middle of  the bust

81 cms to 88 cms.  // 32 to 35 inches and over

Lies just below the centre of the bust

88  to 96 cms.  // 34 to 38 inches

 Hangs below the bust

100 - 110 cms. // 39  inches and over Hangs at waist level

Do remember that your height and weight certainly affect the above guidelines. Xl and XXL large woman size may wish to review and ditto for petite woman sizes.

We suggest that you use a tape measure and measure your preferred necklace length because there may be differences in necklace length according to your neck measurement as well as your weight, height and age. 

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